Zip hydrotap repairs

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A growing number of modern offices are having instant boiling water taps fitted these days, over the last 4/5 years we have clocked up a lot of hours doing repairs and maintenance on various types of units. If installed correctly these instant boiling water taps are a joy to use, there is literally no end to the number of brews you can make in any given day! the perfect enabler for your growing caffeine addiction.

Once you’ve had the luxury of boiling water on command in an instant, when it breaks down it feels like going back to the dark ages using a kettle and having to stand and wait for the old thing to boil! There’s often a healthy cheer and round of applause through the office once word spreads the zip tap’s fixed.

If you need Zip tap repairs within the stockport or manchester area give us a call for a quote or more info.

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